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M O V E D ! # % & [23 Mar 2005|02:51pm]



[19 Mar 2005|02:25pm]
my boo slept over last night. it was fun. he is such a cutie. he fixed my grandmothers light in the kitchen [it was broken duh]. so now my grams has a little surprise when she gets home, she'll be happy.

he left me awhile ago. :( bummer. he went to fix his car. hes always fixing something. i can't wait till we can actually have a weekend all to ourselves with no worries about "fixing" anything. its starting to annoy me. his damn car needs to stop falling apart on him. not that he has a shitty car. i love his car! it just has a lot of problems, sometimes i wanna break it all together so then he doesn't have to worry about fixing anything. but then he would not be able to come and see me. so i guess its ok. :\

hmm.. i'm bored.

i just ate a cheese sandwich. mmhhmm yummy cheese <33 and mayonnaise!

me and el cousin-o's chat EL OH EL [robert] [18 Mar 2005|01:51pm]
rob [1:39 P.M.]: el em ef ayo
me [1:39 P.M.]: EL OH EL
rob [1:39 P.M.]: are oh tee ef doubleyou el
me [1:40 P.M.]: yoo are ay weerd-o
rob [1:40 P.M.]: lol
rob [1:41 P.M.]: u started it
me [1:41 P.M.]: ... sow
rob [1:42 P.M.]: fuck yoo
rob [1:43 P.M.]: nigur
me [1:43 P.M.]: gosh darn stupid nigger
rob [1:43 P.M.]: youse hookt on fonicks
rob [1:43 P.M.]: lol
rob [1:45 P.M.]: so wasup el cousin-o
me [1:47 P.M.]: maybe if that was alittle darker id be able to read it el cousin-o
rob [1:47 P.M.]: lol

& im sure the view from heaven, beats the hell out of my year [18 Mar 2005|12:48pm]
my poor sweetheart is sick. his little nose is leaking like crazy! i feel so bad. i gave him my benedryl so maybe that will work. i cant believe this though, when hes not sick, i am, when im not sick, he is!! not cool. i hope he gets better soon.

last night me and my boy had fun but he was so sick he had to bring me home early. bummer. :(

late last night i was at my causin's[robert] house, online. i was waiting for midnight to come around so i can go and do something for my aunt's boyfriend. something for there wedding. i walked my happy ass all the way to the house and they didn't even answer the damn door. they were prolly doing the do. but whatever they snooze they lose. so i walked back to roberts house. robert came home. finally. told me about his night. seemd cool. then i went home and fell asleep.

my grandmother is out of town untill sunday. party ova here! lol :-D


lucky is my favorite.. [17 Mar 2005|01:52pm]
HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY! i hope you wore green or your gonna get pinched by a leprechaun tonight! ;)


on the way down... [16 Mar 2005|12:36am]
Sick and Tired of this world, There's no more air,Trippin' over myself, Goin' nowhere, Waiting, Suffocating, No direction, And I took a dive, And on the way down, I saw you, And you saved me, From myself, And I won't forget, The way you loved me, On the way down, I almost fell right through, But I held onto you, I've been wondering why, It's only me, Have you always been inside, Waiting to breathe, It's alright, Sunlight, On my face, I wake up and yeah, I'm alive, 'cause on the way down, I saw you, And you saved me, From myself, And I won't forget, The way you loved me, On the way down, I almost fell right through, But I held onto you, I was so afraid, Of going under, But now, The weight of the world, Feels like nothing, no, nothing

its something unpredictable [15 Mar 2005|11:51pm]
tonight was ok. i went to my boyfriend's sister's house. played with her son. he is such a cutie. the dog is cute too. hes a miniature pincher. he doesn't really pinch though, he nips and chomps like a effin monster. he tries to growl and it doesn't quite work out, he sounds like hes trying to take a crap or something. its funny. so yeah, i was sitting in justin's room (mike's nephew) and i was watching him play his video game. i don't know what it is with little kids. they love it when people watch them play there favorite video game and they actually think your interested in it. i tried my hardest to stay "interested" but the dog wasn't helping, he kept chomping at my arm. weirdo. but overall, it was fun. lOl

mike and i came back to my house and we had some fun. agh!! hes so gr8. im so in love. grr!! you know what i mean... we just had alot of fun! ;)

now all the beauty's in the beauty shop, gossip goin non-stop, sippin on pink lemonade [15 Mar 2005|12:22am]
getting alot better. virus is almost gone. itch is still here though. hung out with mike tonight. we had fun. watched nanny 911.. funny show. also, i learned something new. kissing without a toung ring is better than kissing with a toung ring because the toung ring just gets in the way, and im considering taking it out. but im not sure yet, i attached to it, im not ready to let go. but soon enough i will. its just so much more intimate(spl?) without the toung ring in the way. just thought ya'll should know. :P

sick and tired of bein sick and tired [14 Mar 2005|02:24pm]
my rash is going away. my tummy feels alittle better but now the russians came to town. so my tummy feels a different kind of pain. agh, if it aint this its that.. grr. mike came over last night and said he's sorry for being a dick, and i said sorry for being annoying while im almost DYING. lol. i just wanted all his attention.. is that a bad thing? grr. we watched the truman show last night. it was awsome <333 i love that movie. we also watched some other shows, but i forget. today we're going to catch up on the time we didn't spend together yesterday.

gretchen wilson [13 Mar 2005|05:43pm]
holdin you
I dont need whiskey to drown out the pain
Or some old umbrella to hold off the rain
Dont have to cross over a river of tears
All that i need is right here

Holding you holds me together
When holding on gets just a little to hard
When this tight rope i travel
Begins to unravel and i feel like
Im falling apart
Holding you holds me together

You know lifes a freight liner on
A runaway track
But ill take the ride knowing
That youll bring me back
No fates too uncertain no distance to far
As long as your here in my arms

Holding you holds me together
When holding on gets just a little to hard
When this tight rope i travel
Begins to unravel and i feel like
Im falling apart
Holding you holds me together

Whenever i hold you tight
This crazy world of mine falls right in place
Whatever the trouble is
You find a way to give back what it takes

i may hate myself in the morning, but im gonna love you tonight... [13 Mar 2005|03:52pm]
today i feel alot better than yesterday. iv been thinking alot about mike today because last night he was like screaming at me over the phone. i know i pissed him off bad. then he hung up on me. i got pissed too so i kept calling him back. no answer. called again and again and again, no answer. then he changed his message on his voicemail. it said call back later and maybe he will answer. so i was going to do that but i fell asleep instead. i feel weird because he has never yelled at me like that befor. i must have really pinched a nerve. hmm.. i know he loves me though, because even after he screamed his friggin lungs out over the phone, when he hung up the last thing he said was "i love you, good-bye" click. i love him too. but i didn't have time to say it.

today i woke up at 1. cought up on some major sleep. haha. then i ate something and drank alot of gaterade. im watching disney channell. hehe.

im so bored, but i am not going to call mike. i think maybe he just needs time. actually we both need time away from eachother. i guess i was being selfish and not giving him enough time to himself. i don't understand myself, usually its the other way around. i feel like im not getting enough time to myself, but lately all i have been wanting to do is have all my time spent with him. agh its so weird. well i guess now i know what i have to do. give him alot more space. i lvoe him and ill do anything to make him happy. even if that means that he doesn't want to be with me all the time. i have other people i can hang out with and i know he does too. so maybe we both should just hang out with our friends more often. i think that sounds like a plan. now i just have to talk to him about it.

im bored today. to sick to hang out with anyone.

i like it, i love it, i want some more of it!! [07 Mar 2005|12:57am]
tonight was fun just being with the one i love. my man. things couldn't get any better... i love him.

if you don't take me to paris on a lovers getaway, its alright!! [05 Mar 2005|03:23pm]
yesterday i went out with mike. he brougbt me to hooters! yummy food.. sexy ladies.. lol. not a lez.. but... i orderd some chicken strips and curly fries. it was good. then we went back to his house for awhile, i started feeling awful, i guess hooters wasn't agreeing with me or something. we went back to my house and after awhile i started feeling better.. so then we went to meet up with sean. we met up @ a school by his neighborhood. it was borin.. @ least for me it was. after we dilly dallied around (lolz funny word.. ok..) mike and i went back to my house. he stayed with me untill i almost fell asleep, then he kissed me good-night and went home. today i woke up @ 1! whatta bum i am. called mike, hes working on something so he won't be able to get me till later. so im online to pass the time.

talked to Missy! i miss u missy! cant wait to chill next weekend! xoxo

id sure hate to break down here, nothin up ahead or in the rear view mirror.. [04 Mar 2005|12:52pm]
yesterday i woke up @ around 12! i know i know, imma bum... but anyway... went online untill mike got out of work. then he came and got me and brought me to school. when i got there the teacher told me that they were closing early. agh mike had droped me off and went to his sisters house.. so i had to call him and tell him to come anc pick me up cause by the time i got there i only has 20 mins. so i sat there and tried to remember some of my stuff from last time i was there, worked out ok. then called mike.. finally he answerd the phone! takes him forever to answer the phone.. plus it was a number he didn't recognize. well anyway after he picked me up we went to his house so he can eat something.. after he ate he didn't want to be in his house, so we went to mine. watched some "movies". heh...

if heaven was a pie, it'd be cherry.. [03 Mar 2005|03:12pm]
last night mike and stayed at his house. he cooked for me. it was good, bacon and cheese burger. yummy. i played with max alot. (the dog). hes such a cutie, ssoo big. he is a giant shnouser. black. we watched the movie, "sky captain and the world of tomorrow". sucked! so we put in the movie "the hard word" but , we kinda were into eachother more then the movie. lol if u know what i mean. n e ways... today im going to school. school sucks but some people gotta do it. i went to the dotcor.. i have the infection i thought i had. so im taking medz. i hope it goes away soon, it hurts. i want some romen noodles...

i don't need no designer tags to make my man want me [03 Mar 2005|03:15am]
ok, so im thinking about my baby, i love him so much. he has no idea how i acsually feel.. well maybe he does? im so crazy over him. i think about him even when hes not with me.. and to think im with him alot! and when im not with him you think i would want to reflect on other things. but no! i don't ... all i seem to do is think of him. he fills my heart with passion and romance and all that gushy stuff. hah.. its amazing how one person can brighten ur day with just one smile. omg! and his smile! it melts my heart. hes got such a perfect smile.. so nice. i don't see how i can ever be without this person. hes my match and i know that for sure. my soul mate.. i love it. i swear hes my angel.. god sent him to me, i know he did. people who are reading this and thinking im a phsyco an im just having a fling or something, ur wrong.. so wrong, i know people don't like reading about a girl spilling her heart out online, but i cant help it, and im sorry if im boring someone. i just feel so alive with him. i show it, but i don't feel like i show it enough. i have my flaws as being a girlfriend, im not quite thoughtful about his feelings at times.. i know im not, but i tend to find myself doing it again. hurting his feelings without even knowing im doing it, and when he tells me i feel so bad i wanna cry. but i cant, he'll never make me cry, only tears of happyness from here on out.

there too bussy holdin onto one another to even care about the show [01 Mar 2005|02:41pm]
last night mike and i ate at his house. i had grilled cheese and he had sloppy joes. after we ate we played video games. grand theft auto, san adreas. u can shop for clothes in it so i went on a shopping spree in the game. i bought everything from most of the stores! lolz. mike was like "damn baby your runnin me dry" lol i was like "its just a game, ur homeys got ur back". lol cause in the game his homeys sell drugs for him and give him money. lOl. we were only playing to wait untill we go to the drive in. when the time came to go to the drive in we paused it and left. we saw "hitch". it was awsome<33 then we came back home and had some goodnight sex. tonight hes bringing me to the doctor for my infection. then were going to office depot for something for my computer. then we're going to the drive in again. we're going to see "b/c of winn-dixie". then of course more goodnight sex. :)

pointing me on my way, into your loving arms -- rascal flatts [01 Mar 2005|12:28am]

for my baby. broken road is our song. i love you mike...

and then with alittle luck, we mite just get stuck.. [28 Feb 2005|12:49am]
pretty awsome weekend! stayed @ my loves house. partied hard. got drunk. drunk sex. u know how it is. it was fun. road around on andy's four wheeler. also learned how to drive it, somewhat. can't shift that good in sandles though :/

this weekend i realized how much i really honestly love mike. we opened up to eachother more and i think thats going to be a good thing for our future. we told eachother things we've never told eachother be4. i really have strong feelings for him.

i know this is it. i know he is the 1 i spend the rest of my life with. i mean it.

today we went to the swamp buggie show. that was cool.

only YOU can touch my.. ? heaarrrttt... [24 Feb 2005|01:05am]
well, this weeekend was Ok. kengi and i had some fun times. we went to PIS on friday night. we saw the band "a farewell approach" play and "drifter". kengi liked one of the boys from drifter, so we chilled with them afterwards. it was fun, we went back to there loft. where they practice. it was fun, i learned alittle bit of the drums. some of the guys were hitting on me, but i have a boyfriend so i didn't do anything. i love my boyfriend. when John & Corey (from drifter) brought us home we pigged out on cookies. me, kengi, and chelsea loved thoughs cookies! yum. the next day we went to the pool. we tried to get a tan but the clouds werent working with us. so we left. grr. after that we got ready because mike & shawn were comming down from palm beach to pick me up. but befor we left to go home we stoped by the bar to see "where is monday" (a band) play. mike got sick so we left kengi there to find her own ride home (which i know she did) and then we went back home. i didn't even get to see them play! Steve-o! im sorry, i will so see u next time i can! anyway... when we got home we got into alittle arguement but somehow i can never stay mad @ him. like i was seriously mad at him for like 5 mins tops! everytime! hes just so iiresistable.. i love him so much. today was alright. i didn't do much. i went online earlier today and i was going to go back to blurty but then i thought, blurty kinda sucks now. so im staying put! mike picked me up from my house tonight like always. we went to his house and his tummy was hurting him so we layed down alittle bit. then when everything was ok we went to get gas, i wanted to put the gas in the car but he beat me to it! lOlz. anyway, then we went back to my house. gma gave me medz. i know this is nasty but i have a urinary track infection and i need medz for it. mike watched me like i was a baby so i would do it. cause i was like hesitant b/c it said i mite get tummy pains. but i did it. then we watched tv for awhile. then it was getting late and he has to go to work tomorrow. so he left! i hate when he leaves me! i feel so lonely! blah. anyway, imma go look up some stuff now. comment x0

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